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Increased performance. Improved efficiencies. Reduced costs. All benefits of our revolutionary Envirotemp™ natural and synthetic ester dielectric fluids.

Our single-minded mission: To provide a more reliable, safer, better-performing coolant that keeps the power flowing and the lights turning on in communities all around the globe.

Field-tested and technically validated, discover their tremendous value for your business over the alternatives.

The evidence is too powerful to ignore.

Our expertise

A partnership with the Envirotemp dielectric team goes far beyond the mere purchase of innovative fluids. Proprietary knowledge, expert
service, dedicated support all infused with Cargill’s global supply chain logistics and local production adds indisputable value that will reap
dividends for your company’s upcoming project.

Technical Support

With more than 30 years working with many types of dielectric fluids and more than a decade of experience with ester fluids, our technical team can pretty much answer any question and solve any issue. And, funny thing is, we love the challenge.


Change is not easy. That’s why we adhere to the same industry standards and processes your teams currently are familiar with and use every day. We try to minimize the change. Our team knows ester fluids inside and out. We will work with your teams to ensure they will be successful all the way through the process from designing new transformers, installations as well as retrofills.

Implementation Support

It’s one thing to have all the specs, standards and processes but it’s another thing to implement actual installations. That’s why our team is available to answer any question and if you need us, we’ll be on-site to help solve any in-field situation.

Industry Standards

Collectively, our team serves on several committees and standards groups. We’ve proudly spent many years working with industry colleagues to develop standards that enable utilities and their OEM partners to provide safe, reliable transformer systems in their communities. It’s an honor to work in this industry and we feel privileged to be a part of such a dynamic industry.

Government Relations

Staying apprised of the continual barrage of regulations is tough. We monitor legislative activity in order to understand the impact the EPA and other environmental regulations could have on transformer solutions. Programs like FERC retrofill and RUS loans are just a few programs utilities can take advantage of to help make their transformer programs more cost effective.

Our stories

“Implementing FR3 fluid-filled transformers: an OEM’s perspective”

Luis Roberto Franchini

Mr. Luiz Roberto Franchini, CEO of Itaipu Transformades based in Sao Paulo Brazil, shares his experience with FR3 natural ester fluid.  Hear how his company is using the technology to provide cost effective solutions for their customers that optimize transformer performance, increase fire safety and improve their environmental footprint.

Watch now.


our products.

As an internationally recognized fluids expert, Cargill supplies Envirotemp™ dielectric fluid, both natural and synthetic, to utilities as well as power and distribution transformer manufacturers around the world. Envirotemp™ FR3™ natural ester fluid is made from renewable vegetable oils that provides improved fire safety, extended transformer insulation life, increased load capacity as well as environmental benefits including biodegradable, non-toxic and carbon neutral (according to Building Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) lifecycle analysis. Cargill's synthetic ester, Envirotemp™ 200, meets IEC specifications for synthetic ester fluids for transformers. Discover how these innovative transformer oils can improve your power and distribution systems.



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Hear first-hand from the inventors, thought-leaders, and partners who designed and implemented the transformer oil that reliably, cost-effectively and safely revolutionized the industry not for the glory, but to responsibly keep the lights turning on for us all.


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An internationally recognized ester fluids expert and global supply chain manager, Cargill Industrial Specialties supplies dielectric fluids Envirotemp™ FR3™ and Envirotemp™ 200 esters to utilities and transformer manufacturers around the world, providing unparalleled product quality, value and service. Discover how the power of Cargill’s broad expertise can benefit your company.



Whether spec’ing Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid or Envirotemp™ 200 fluid for new transformers, retrofilling existing ones or simply gathering information about how to deliver the reliability, safety, and long-term grid efficiencies while minimizing the impact on the environment, Cargill specializes in creating customized solutions for every need. Contact us to find out how.